Vodafone Announced to Test Innovative Open Radio Technology

In the telecommunication equipment market, we can see that three companies have complete hold. These three companies are Huawei, Nokia and Ericcson. Vodafone has tested innovative open radio technology in the UK and it has become a challenge for big three suppliers in the telecommunication market. The main aim of Vodafone is to connect the rural communities with the world by providing them with the facility of internet. This internet facility will be available for rural area residents at the lowest prices. For this reason, Vodafone in collaboration with Intel has designed OpenRAN. OpenRAN stands for ‘Open Radio Access Networks’.

Vodafone and Intel have assigned responsibility to OpenRAN that its management team should work on the standardized design of hardware and software. In other words, they should work on the preparation of such antennas and masts that are helpful for them to carry network and data calls. They are also working for the improvement of supply chain resilience. That’s why Vodafone has provided instructions to infrastructures that they should introduce a new wave of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. The most important benefit of this wave of technology vendors will be such that Vodafone will feel it easy and comfortable to connect and communicate with world’s most rural communities by providing them internet services at lowest costs. Vodafone is also trying to enhance coverage of internet in big cities.

Vodafone authorities are reviewing work on a regular basis. According to Vodafone authorities, OpenRAN is providing lots of support to them in order to achieve their goals. For this reason, OpenRAN has started to improve network economics of different companies. As a result, it is possible for us to get access to more people in rural communities and they are expecting that no one will leave behind. Vodafone is not a new company in the digital marketing field. It has a good name and fame in the field of digital marketing. It is known as the second-largest mobile phone operating company all around the world. Now, they are going to test this technology in the USA. Before it, they have also tested this technology successfully in the laborites of South Africa and Turkey.

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According to an expert of a dissertation writing service, the belief of this company is that they will be able to provide phone calls and data services at the lowest costs. Chief executive of Vodafone Nick Read has asked that OpenRAN is helpful for them to improve their network economics and they have started to get access to rural areas customers who want to make mobile phone calls and to enjoy data services at lowest rates. First of all, they will try to test its network services in 120 rural areas of the UK and after that, they will try to flourish their network all around the UK.

Vodafone is very confident for its success. Its reason is that it has three competitors. First, China’s based company Huawei. Secondly, Sweden based company Ericson. Thirdly, Finland based company Nokia. Due to some allegations, Huawei is banned in the US. The Chinese firm has denied these allegations and it has also claimed that the equipment of its company can also be used for spying. Under such tensed environment, Vodafone can get the benefit and it can easily get success and beat other companies in the field of telecommunication.